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ou●s sum of ten cents i


n my pocket! Perhaps in



all● Cairo there was not another penniless● adventurer of my race Even if t▓here were, and a “vagabond’s retrea●t” somewhere among these long rows of ●streets that flashed by as those of London▓ in approaching St.Pancras, small chance had● I of finding it.For, w

ere my Ar●abic as fluent as my English, no poli▓ceman could direct me to so un●conventional a quarter. The train halted▓ in a vast, domed station.A mighty pr▓ess

of humanity swept me through the ▓waiting-rooms and out upon a brightly-l●ighted square.There the screaming thr●ong of hackmen, porters, donkey boys, and ho●tel runne



rs drove me to take refuge behi▓nd a station 190pillar.I swung my knapsack o●ver my shoulder and gazed, utterly undecid●ed, across the human sea. ▓Suddenly a voice sounded above● the roar:—“Heh! Lan


dsmann, wohin” I● stared eagerly about me, for this simple g●reeting, properly accented, is the ●password of the German tramp wherever he wand●ers.Under a neighboring arc-ligh▓t stood a young man of rud


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dy, su▓nburned countenance, in a stout, if somewha▓t ragged, suit and a cloth cap.At my sign o●f recognition, he dived into the c●rowd and f

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ought his way to my side. “Ah! 癖 he shouted, in German, “I kne▓w only one of the boys would blow in with a▓ knapsack and a corduroy sui

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t! Where▓ are you turning up from Just got in from Zagaz▓ig myself.Been down there grubbing u●p some cash.How long have you been awa▓y Busin

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ess any good down at the ▓coast Don’t believe it is.Cairo’s th●e place for easy winnings.Bet you blew i●n without a piastre Give ’em the s

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tony▓ face on the train I did, thoug▓h a fellow down in Zagazig tick●eted me.Gave me the cash, the wise one, an●d of course I planted it and

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stared ●them off.” Had I not already s●erved an apprenticeship in German slang, I▓ should have come off with a very indistinct ▓notion


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of the recent activities of ●my new acquainta

nce.I broke i●n as soon as possible to assure him t

hat ▓I had never dared to hope that civiliz▓ation

was so up-to-date in Egypt that o▓ne could “beat

his way” on the railroad▓s, and to protest that I

could doubly deny his▓ charge of having “eingebla

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it●h la

se▓n” without a piastre. “It’●s my first trip to

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Cairo,” I concluded.〃埌I bought my own ticket—” “●What!” ro

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ared the German, “Ticketed yourse●lf! Lieber Gott, aber du bist roh! Tick—But● then,” he continued, in a hushed voi▓ce, “now I think of it, so did I! Schafsk●opf, ja! I paid good money t▓o come


to Cair

o the first time!● Hllespein, what a greenhorn I was!” ▓ As he talked, we had left behind▓ the howling throng.No need to ask whe▓re he was leading me. “There’s an Asil▓e in Cair



he put in, “but you’re too● late to-night.You’ll meet all▓ die Kamaraden where we’re g▓oing, for they’re most of them ausgesp●ielt with the churchman and can’t talk the ●Asile ti



s out of him.” W▓e crossed a rectangular square ●where street cars clanged their way thro▓ugh a multitude, and turned down a ▓street flanked by brightly-lighted shops. A ●winged

dahabiyeh of the Nile Sais o▓r car

riage runners of Cairo, clea

ring the street●s for their master 191“It’s the M▓oosky,?/p>

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